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History & Committee Membership


The United States House of Representatives Republican Policy Committee (RPC) was first established in 1949. Representative Gary Palmer of Alabama was elected by House Republicans as the 18th chairman of the committee during the 116th Congress and is the fourth ranking member of House Republican leadership. Palmer was reelected during the 117th Congress. 

The RPC serves as an advisory committee to House Republicans and provides a forum for Republican Members to discuss legislative proposals and current topics before the House. The committee produces issue backgrounders and conservative policy solutions to the House Republican Conference. 

In 1946, the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress made recommendations for restructuring Congress, which included the creation of a policy committee in both the House & Senate to “serve as a formal council to meet regularly with the Executive, to facilitate the formulation and carrying out of national policy, and to improve relationships.” The House Republican Policy Committee was then established by Conference Resolution on January 26, 1949.

117th Congress Committee Membership 

          Region            Representative

  • Chairman         Gary Palmer
  • Freshman         Jay Obernolte
  • Sophomore      Greg Steube
  • Texas                Beth Van Duyne
  • Texas                Pat Fallon
  • Florida              John Rutherford
  • Ohio                  Bill Johnson
  • Region 1           Carol Miller
  • Region 2           Andy Barr
  • Region 3           David Rouzer
  • Region 4           Nancy Mace
  • Region 5           John Rose
  • Region 6           Victoria Spartz
  • Region 7           Bryan Steil
  • Region 8           French Hill
  • Region 9           Markwayne Mullin
  • Region 10         Randy Feenstra
  • Region 11         David Schweikert
  • Region 12         Mike Garcia
  • Small State       Andy Harris