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Guide to the Issues

Now is the time for Republican policies that work for America. Today, our national debt has reached an all-time high of more than $23 trillion dollars without any meaningful plan to reduce it. Our southwest border agents and immigration law judges carry an overwhelming burden to secure our border and fairly apply our laws. Health care remains too costly and disconnected from market competition. The crushing burden of student loans stunts the future of many young Americans. We’re facing rivals in Russia and China with our global standing, economy, and national security at stake.

The Republican Policy Committee has developed policy guides in response to both the concerns of the American people and glaring challenges within our federal government. These guides offer a starting point for policy conversations. They are not designed to be exhaustive. Neither are they top-down directives regarding the right ideas for the problems facing our nation. They highlight introduced legislation, executive branch actions, information from congressional hearings, and new ideas. 

Republicans must present a clear vision for America that answers the tough questions facing our constituents every day. Our vision begins with a willingness to put forth ideas, engage critics, and ultimately develop answers that work for America. 


Statement of Principles

Health Care

Energy & Environment



Taxes and Trade

National Security and Foreign Relations

Civil Liberties



Complete Guide to the Issues


Last Updated September 2020