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Republican Policy Committee Releases Millennial Task Force Report, Offers Policy Recommendations

Feb 27, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON (Monday, Feb. 20, 2017) —The Republican Policy Committee’s Millennial Task Force, which is chaired by Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21), released its report on Millennials & the GOP: Rebuilding Trust with an Untapped Electorate.” 

Produced by Stefanik and Republican Policy Committee Chair Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06), the report offers recommendations to address the unique needs of millennials and give them more of a voice in the halls of Congress. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force and they make up approximately 31 percent of the voting electorate.

“Millennials face unique and evolving challenges as they navigate the education system and the 21st century workforce,” Messer said. “Our task is to help our younger generations meet these challenges head-on, equipped with the tools they need to succeed and achieve the American dream.”

Some of the themes of the millennial report include increasing transparency in government, providing more flexibility in education, encouraging innovation in the workforce, and supporting entrepreneurship.

“The success of this country depends upon investing in younger generations now so that they can contribute to our future,” Stefanik said. “Our Task Force spent the past Congress listening to expert witnesses, and most importantly, to millennials. Millennials have a unique perspective that can help craft a vision for our nation and a framework for how we can construct an empowerment economy. I believe millennials are an optimistic generation. They can teach us to once again be a leading voice in the world.”

The millennial report includes specific policy recommendations to help make college more affordable and solve modern workforce issues, including:

  • Flexible Pell Grants for 21st Century Students – This legislation allows students to draw on their Pell Grant funds at a faster pace to cover additional courses within an award year.
  • LEADS Act – This legislation requires colleges and universities to send an annual letter to their students to inform them about how much debt they have incurred so far and what it will mean for their bottom line after they graduate.
  • Fair Treatment of Scholarships Act –This legislation reduces tax burdens on college students by broadening tax-free treatment for scholarships and grants used to cover nontuition expenses such as room and board.

Messer and Stefanik plan to re-introduce these legislative proposals in the 115th Congress. More policy recommendations can be found in the full report here.

The Republican Policy Committee serves as an advisory panel to the House Republicans, tasked with developing and promoting policy solutions. As part of that role, the Committee established the Millennial Task Force to examine issues important to the millennial generation.

More information about the Millennial Task Force can be found here. More information about the Republican Policy Committee can be found at Policy.House.Gov.


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