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Republican Policy Committee hears from Heritage on education, immigration

Feb 26, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON—On Wednesday, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint met with members of the House Republican Policy Committee to discuss ways Federal policies can create opportunities for everyone. 

“I was honored to join the House Republican Policy Committee to discuss conservative policies that bring opportunity to all and favoritism to none,” said Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. “Conservatives are leading the way forward with positive solutions like opening up energy markets to offer high wages and low prices and a health care market that replaces government control and massive subsidies with choice and competition.”

DeMint went on to say, “We also discussed solutions for an education system that restores dollars and decisions to parents, teachers, and communities. Heritage looks forward to continuing these fruitful conversations with leaders like Chairman Messer and is willing to work with anyone who will join the fight for opportunity and against cronyism."

“It was a privilege hearing from Senator DeMint,” said Republican Policy Committee Chairman Luke Messer.  “I join him in his resolve to champion policy ideas that create meaningful opportunities for all Americans.”

The Committee also briefly discussed the current debate over Department of Homeland Security funding and the President’s executive amnesty.   

Chairman Messer said he believes that “the time to stand and fight the President’s unlawful actions is now.”  Messer added that he “will not support giving the President a blank check to carry out his unilateral plan that will simply encourage more illegal immigration in the future, despite the Senate’s apparent willingness to do so.”  

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