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Congressman Messer introduces budget transparency bill

Mar 5, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON—This week, Congressman Luke Messer re-introduced a bill that would require the President’s annual budget submission to include the cost-per-taxpayer of the deficit for each year the budget is projected to be in deficit (H.R. 1315). 

“Deficit spending has real world consequences,” said Congressman Messer.  "This legislation would make sure taxpayers know how much the deficit costs them every year.”

Congressman Messer believes the most direct path toward a healthier and more secure economy now and in the future is less spending, lower taxes, balanced budgets and smaller debt.  He says this bill is “a small but important first step in that direction.”

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates there will be approximately 152 million individuals filing tax returns this year.  That means the President’s $474 million deficit will cost each taxpayer approximately $3,118. 

“This bill won’t solve our nation’s fiscal problems or prevent the government from spending money it doesn’t have,” said Congressman Messer. “But making this information more easily accessible will help us and our constituents better understand the impact of budgets that never balance.”

Last Congress, Rep. Messer’s budget transparency bill (H.R. 668) passed the House with bipartisan support 392-28-1.

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