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Indiana leaders travel to D.C. to discuss recent police controversies

Oct 6, 2015
In The News

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Recent police controversies across the country have Indiana leaders asking what can be done to restore trust between the community and the police.

It's part of a new ‘law enforcement task force’ established by Indiana congressman Luke Messer after several recent incidents in the news.

Messer invited Indiana attorney general Greg Zoeller and Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa to testify at Tuesday’s committee hearing.

“I often talk with law enforcement about the need to maintain the respect of the citizenry,” said Zoeller.

“As a law enforcement officer, I’m very grateful for what you’re doing,” Cappa told committee members. “There are thousands of officers upon thousands of officers every day who put on the uniform.”

“Tensions between law enforcement and the communities have probably never been higher in recent history in this country and we want to be part of the solution,” said Messer, who serves as chairman for the House Republican Policy Committee. “Some of it just includes bringing down the rhetoric. The vast majority of folks working in law enforcement are good people. Of course when tragedies occur, we want to deal with that but we also want to make sure we’re not unnecessarily inflaming communities across our country.”

“I think greater transparency always develops higher levels of trust,” said Zoeller.

Messer said his goal here was to put together recommendations that could lead to new legislation.

Zoeller, who is also running for Congress, told the committee about Indiana’s school resource officer program. Zoeller says school resource officers not only protect our kids, but they also develop relationships and give young people a more favorable impression of the police.

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